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Rental & Pet Policy

Rental Policy


By submitting your reservation you agree that you have read the following rental policy and agree to the terms and conditions.


Reservations for 2 days or less requires $100.00 deposit.

Reservations for 3 or more days requires 50% of rental amount.


You must be at least 21 years of age to rent and stay in a cabin.


Children are welcome but must be closely supervised by an adult.  The hot tub, fireplace and loft area can be dangerous to small children.   All children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the hobby farm.


Cabin on the Hill is not responsible for your lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.


You are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property belonging to Cabin on the Hill.

Please take care of your cabin and treat it as you would your own home.

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins.  If we smell tobacco smoke in the cabin you will be charged a $100.00 de-fuming fee. 


Only the maximum number of people specified per cabin are allowed. You may not have outside guests without prior approval from the owners. If we see that you have more than the maximum number of people allowed we will charge you a fee equal to renting another cabin for the days you are here.


Check in and check out times must be conformed to.  We only have a short time to get the cabins ready for the next guests.  No early check-ins or late check outs!


The cleaning, policy along with other instructions, are posted in the cabin. 


Cleaning policy includes:
     Wash and put away all dishes that you use including coffee pot and microwave tray.
      Wipe off counters, table, stove and rinse out sink.
      Take trash to outside bin.
      Put dirty towels in the hamper.
      Wipe up spills on floors and furniture.
      You do not need to strip the beds or wash the sheets and towels.


You will be charged a $50.00 cleaning fee if the cabin is left in disarray and dirty. 


You won’t be charged if you use basic common sense and consideration.


Hot tub policy: We drain and clean our hot tubs on a regular basis. All guests must shower before using the hot tub. Absolutely no smoking or eating while in the hot tub. If you misuse the hot tub and we have to drain it you will be charged a $50 hot tub cleaning fee. We do not allow children in the hot tubs. They are not swimming pools for kids, they are a place for adults to take a relaxing soak. If a hot tub breaks down prior to your check in date or while you are here and we are unable to fix it right away you will not get a discount. The use of the hot tub is not included in your rental rate.


Cabin on the Hill reserves the right to change rental rates at it’s discretion. 


Cancellations must be made no less than 21 days prior to reservation date. 


Cancellations made less than 21 days prior to arrival date will be charged the full amount due unless we are able to rent the cabin to someone else. 


Cancellations are subject to a $10.00 cancellation fee.



Items left behind: If you leave something in the cabin and want it mailed to you we must be notified immediately. We charge a $10 fee plus postage to send it back.




Gift certificates are available for a specific dollar amount, week days or a weekend. All certificates must be paid for on the issue date. Gift certificates are good for 18 months after the date of purchase. Please call 618-529-5667 to purchase a gift certificate. The certificate will be mailed to you along with a Cabin on the Hill Brochure.




If you are renting Cabin 2 we do allow up to two dogs at a time in that cabin. The dogs must not exceed a weight of 60 pounds each. We do not allow pets in any of our other cabins and we do not make exceptions to that rule. If we find that you have violated this rule you will be asked to leave and be charged a $100 cleaning fee.


You must have prior approval before bringing your dog.


We will charge a $20.00 per night pet fee.


Your dog must be on a leash at all times when outside. You may not chain your dog up outside of the cabin.


Your dog must be kept in the vicinity of Cabin 2 and the field and woods beside it. Do not walk your dog to any of the other cabins or to our barn.


If your dog likes to get on furniture please bring a sheet that you can throw over the couch.


Your dog must be housebroken and free of ticks and fleas. If you do not have your dog on a flea and tick deterrent we sugguest you use one prior to your arrival as fleas and ticks are prevalent in our area.


If your dog acts up when left alone you must crate it. We do not provide crates.


If your dog is vicious or has behavioral problems please do not bring it.


You must clean up after your dog inside and out. Do not leave dog poop where people can step in it. You can throw it in the woods if you like or bag it and throw it in the trash.


The pet fee is not our pet clean up fee. You are responsible for cleaning up your pet hair inside of the cabin. There are brooms and a vacuum provided.


If your dog damages anything in the cabin you will be responsible for replacing it.


Cabin on the Hill was pet friendly for nine years and after much damage to furniture and other items, extreme amounts of pet hair and some guests ignoring the rules we went to a no pet policy for two years. We are now going to try it again in just the one cabin and see how it goes. We hope that you will be a responsible pet owner, follow the rules and not spoil it for other folks who enjoy bringing their pets on vacation with them.


Thank you in advance for being a responsible and considerate dog owner.


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